As an agency, what do you look for in a model?

We are looking for men, women and trans people, straight, gay or bi, from 18 to 40 years of age. Models should be in good shape, have an attractive appearance, be an exhibitionist and sexually open-minded. We are looking for adventure-seekers eager to explore the world of adult entertainment.

What qualities are needed to be a good model or porn actor?

Firs, it should be said that physical beauty alone does not make a good model or porn actor. Beauty comes in different forms and depends largely on viewers whose tastes vary widely. If you possess an obvious appeal, a charm that extends well beyond the norm or the video screen, and allows you to forge an undeniable bond with viewers, then you have a unique quality that we are looking for. Talented models always show up to a shoot on time and with enthusiasm, have energy and are ready to give it their all, each and every time.

Why should I entrust xxxmodelagency to represent me?

Established in 2011, there are several good reasons to work with us. With our knowledge and experience of the industry and the partnerships we have forged, we are able to open doors for you and facilitate your access to work opportunities that are otherwise difficult to access, and would demanded far too much time and effort on your part. We offer our models a level of anonymity, comfort and convenience by organizing castings and doing referrals for work. For your first steps, we negotiate fees and working conditions on your behalf. You can therefore be more confident of working in a reliable and trustworthy setting.

We also offer valued advice on how to advance your career.

xxxmodelagency is a casting agency founded on serious standards of business ethics and operates in an irreproachable legal setting.

How much does it pay?

This is a tough question to answer. Too many variables come into play to accurately set the amount that a model will receive for any given shoot. Likewise, studios don’t all use the same criteria to determine the rates that they are willing to pay for a specific model.
For male performers, it is important to know that payment for straight shoots is considerably less than that for man-on-man scenes.
Here are some factors that come into play when determining what a model will be paid:

  • Model popularity, look and business allure
  • Natural talent and onset performance
  • Plot complexity
  • Production size

We can provide additional informational at the casting appointment.

What kind of work should I expect to get?

Models that are recruited for the adult entertainment industry normally work in productions that are geared for video, print and online media. Models may sometimes also be booked for photo shoots and promotional appearances. We are only interested in directing you to work that meets your expectations and respects your limits. We will also help you understand if your expectations are realistic or not, but ultimately, the decision will always be yours to make.

May I be required to travel for work?

Our primary markets are within the Québec City, Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto corridor. You may be required to travel to one of those cities for work. Exceptionally, models may be recruited or shoots may occur outside of this region.
Most of the time, if a shoot is located in your city of residence, you will be required to cover your own travel to the shoot location. It may be nearby, but sometimes longer commutes are to be expected. Reliable producers tend to book both models and their crews one to two weeks in advance, sometimes longer. Production schedules are usually mapped out several weeks ahead of time. Being successful at getting good bookings largely depends on your availability when the proposal is made.

Where will I be lodged when traveling and who will be responsible for my expenses?

Each studio applies their own policies in regards to this question. However, you should not normally have to cover any of the costs related to your travel and accommodations if you must shoot in another city. Arrangements are typically made and paid for by the studio that hires you. But, like for all rules, there can be exceptions.

What’s up with STDs and safer sex practices?

Models that regularly shoot are normally required to undergo full panel STI testing on a monthly basis. Several studios require that models be tested a few days prior to a shoot and that they have their test results in hand. If it is the studio that is responsible for getting the testing done, you will need to sign a release allow it to receive the results. Normally, a model having tested positive for a sexually related infection will be prevented from shooting again until he or she is treated and tested anew.
For HIV, during the course of the past few years, safer sex practices have progressively evolved as testing protocols have improved and prophylaxis treatments have become available.
Some studios maintain a strict policy of always using condoms for any shoot requiring penetration, whereas others are producing condom-less scenes. In such cases, models are normally required to be tested with the most advanced testing tools before shooting. The model’s decision to accept or refuse work involving condom-less sex is his or hers alone. A good risk assessment is essential in making that decision and we will provide you the most reliable information to make an informed decision.